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Ruby Receptionists Holiday Party

12th March, 2014

Over the past couple of years, MES has been doing quite a bit of work with the good people at Ruby Receptionists.  If you’re unfamiliar, Ruby Receptionists is a Portland-based virtual receptionist company.  Their commitment to customer service and employee appreciation has made them not only one of the “Top 10 Best Large Companies to Work For in Oregon” but also one of the Top 3 Best Small Companies to Work For in the US as rated by Fortune Magazine and the Great Place to Work Institute.  It’s hard to work with a company like that and not have a great time.

In December we helped make their annual holiday party a special one.  Check out the more photos from the party HERE.

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Seth & Sarah

4th March, 2014

“In planning our wedding my husband and I decided early on that music was one of the most important things to us.  Our friend is a DJ in LA and she offered to play part of our reception but we needed to find someone local to handle all of the sound and lighting as well as take care of the music for the ceremony and the beginning of the reception.  We both really hate anything that is cheesy so we wanted to avoid hiring a “wedding DJ.”  Our goal was to find a talented DJ who knows music and knows how to play to a crowd but is still professional, reliable and familiar with how weddings run.  After weeks of searching we were finally introduced to DJ Zimmie and we were instantly impressed by his knowledge and professionalism not to mention we loved his sample mixes that we listened to.  Throughout the wedding planning process DJ Zimmie was beyond helpful with everything from designing the dance floor layout to figuring out the sound equipment needed for our venue to organizing the details of the ceremony music.  He was always really responsive to any calls or emails and he was extremely organized, knowledgeable and fun to work with.”  -Sarah

View the photos from their wedding HERE!

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Private Winery

25th February, 2014

This weekend we did a site visit at a gorgeous private winery.  Modern Event Solutions will be part of a team turning this rustic space into a huge Summer party for a local Portland company. Can’t wait!

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Nick & Eric

22nd February, 2014

Have a great weekend everyone!  We’re heading down to the Jupiter Hotel to make sure everyone at Nick & Eric’s wedding dance the night away.  Thank you Portland weather for keeping it sunny.

(not actually us in the photo)

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Zero Experience

17th February, 2014

This is a real ad that we found on Craigslist.  Unfortunately we find ads like this all the time (as you can see from the posting dates).  The sad part about this ad is that it probably IS from one of the biggest wedding DJ companies in Portland.  In our experience, the DJs who work the most weddings in Portland usually do so because they’re also the cheapest.  They’re not the best (most of the time they aren’t even good) but they get sold to bridal couples through a parent company with a good sales pitch.  The couple saves a little bit of money and ends up ruining the most important day of their lives.


When you book with Modern Event Solutions, you’re getting a DJ with thousands of gigs and countless hours of experience under their belt.  If we don’t have a DJ available for your date that meets our high standards, we’d rather tell you that we can’t help you than send you someone that might not represent us properly or more importantly, leave you less than 100% satisfied.  As the saying goes, “Good DJs ain’t cheap and cheap DJs ain’t good.”



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