You want to have the best dance party you’ve ever had at your wedding?! Great! Hire DJ Zimmie! We first saw him at our friend’s wedding and immediately decided to hire him for ours. He expertly managed all the sound needs for our wedding and helped us think through the flow of how the party would go and kept that flow running perfectly. Somehow, I danced for three hours after my wedding and couldn’t believe how quickly it passed, because DJ Zimmie’s perfect DJing kept everyone dancing and moving. People raved about the party for months and we were over the moon happy about how it all went!


Mariana & Brian // 2.13.2016


We hired DJ Zimmie on a recommendation from another vendor, never having even met him in person until our wedding night.  He was extremely responsive via email throughout the planning process, offering to get on Skype with us when necessary and providing some really good suggestions on our timeline for the day.  The day of the wedding, he was there early, checked in with everyone and then threw an absolutely killer party.  I’ve never seen a DJ read a crowd better — we had 150 people on the dance floor for 2.5 solid hours.  Three weeks later, we are still getting compliments on our DJ from guests old and young.  In fact, another couple at our wedding liked him so much they’ve now reached out to him about their celebration.  I’ve genuinely never seen people have more fun at a wedding and I think Zimmie set the whole tone.  LOVED that he is not your typical cheesy wedding DJ — he wasn’t on the mic unnecessarily throughout the night and we avoided all the terrible wedding dance traditions (i.e. the chicken dance).  We like to think we have pretty eclectic music taste and there wasn’t a song that he played that I wasn’t thrilled to dance to.  He was mixing his own music on the spot too!  Absolutely could not recommend him more and I think his prices were a steal for someone of his talent level.


Frank & Ali // 5.30.2015


I can’t begin to explain the magnitude of how important DJ Zimmie was at our wedding.  My friends originally had planned on taking care of our musical needs by hiring a different DJ, but due to an unforeseen event, he had to cancel.  In his sincere effort to remedy my musical vacancy, he offered Zimmie as a substitute. We live in L.A. and were unable to meet face to face due to the fact Zimmie lives in Portland.  This of course left us slightly terrified, but we trusted that we were in good hands due to his professional manner and musical knowledge via email and phone.  The day of our wedding was magical and I can’t imagine that being the case with any other DJ at the helm.


First off, Zimmie was early.  He set up shop and I was finally able to put a face to the name.  I am kind of a weirdo when it comes to music. Until I realized that Zimmie was a bigger weirdo and much further advanced in both technique and knowledge, I had wished I could be the groom AND the DJ.  Just before the ceremony I talked with Zimmie to explain songs and timing.  After my third visit he waited till I was finished and calmly told me, “Don’t worry man, just go get married.”  It probably doesn’t read as gentle and relieving as it was, but I promise you, it was precisely what I needed to hear.  The ceremony and the reception that followed were as close to perfect as one could hope.  Our guest list was quite diverse, both in general and musically, as I’m sure most weddings are.  Practically EVERY guest complimented us and Zimmie directly on his selection.  And let’s not forget to mention, his MC skills!!!  Appropriate, comedic, and classy.  Do NOT leave your once-in-a-lifetime event in the hands of chance.  Make the best decision you can and invite the man of the hour, DJ ZIMMIE!


-Richie & Rachel // 11.5.2014


DJ Zimmie and Modern Event Solutions could not have been better.

Zimmie was so flexible about how we communicated in the preceding months, enabling us to email anything from long lists to random thoughts, and he always provided thoughtful responses.

He totally understood the tastes we prefer and the vibe(s) we had in mind, even when we totally pivoted away from the one piece of guidance we gave him in our initial discussion.

Zimmie knew just what to play — and what to NOT play. He did a *phenomenal* job of knowing when to honor requests from the audience and when to…acknowledge them and then put them aside. This was both in accordance with the “blacklist” of no-no’s we provided but also, more broadly, based on his own judgment. We agreed with every call he made.

We needed some very tight coordination around our first dance, and Zimmie was on point. After that, we just wanted things to be as festive and high-energy as possible throughout, and Zimmie delivered on that 100%.

We could not have been happier with what Zimmie brought to our wedding. As we look back, we wish we could have our wedding again every month…in that dream scenario, we would be happy to use DJ Zimmie every time.


-Gautam & Katy // 9.20.2014


“We used DJ Zimmie for a business award ceremony for IREM (The Institute of Real Estate Management). He worked with me for several months to incorporate music with every award and was SPOT ON while people were gaining their accolades. He was professional and a lot of fun making our event really stand out.   I heard nothing but praise following the event and I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again for an event that needs music to make it a great night!”

Cammie Allie
Chapter #29 Oregon Columbia-River President
President of Fortress Property Management, Inc.

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By the time we got around to selecting the music, I could not manage to make another wedding decision.  I wrote Zimmie with some basic preferences, a timeline of the event, and the instructions to “Do what you do.”.  Needless to say DJ Zimmie had the smooth tunes flowing through cocktail hour and all generations breaking it down on the dance floor after dinner.  His sense of humor and attention to detail made him a great emcee, as he helped us get through the evening without a hitch.  As if this isn’t enough of a ringing endorsement my Mom is now a fan of DJ Zimmie on Facebook.

-Kathleen Mackin // 6.16.2012

When handling an event of magnitude such as a wedding or an event of personal significance, it is important to trust and know the people you work with and rely on.  We at Yes We Cater Inc. can say that whenever we see that Zimmie is on the itinerary for any given event we can rest assured that the details for the announcements & formalities will be timely and accurate, and more importantly, the overall feeling of the event is a high energy, celebratory and joyous feeling.  Focusing more on the overall happiness of the guests and the guests of honor than on the ego of the entertainer himself (i.e. self-promotion, over announcing, etc.), we highly recommend Zimmie to all of our clients when asked for a recommendation.  He is one of the best we know for Pittsburgh & beyond.

-John Vallese – Yes We Cater // 5.24.2012

We owe you a huge THANK YOU for making our wedding an awesome dance party! So many of our friends commented that you were fabulous and that our wedding was the most fun wedding they have ever been to! You really understood our style and were so amazingly helpful along the way. Best DJ of all time! Thanks again.

-Lindsey Farrell & Ashwin Bhatawdekar // 10.23.2011

DJ Zimmie was not only amazing at what he does, but he really understood our taste in music and what we wanted from the beginning to the end of the evening. He was very professional and so easy to work with. We couldn’t have been happier with DJ Zimmie and his stylings! We had the time of our lives and even had countless guests telling us that they had never had so much fun at a wedding!

-Gwendolyn and Curtis Hines // 10.8.2011

My wife and I didn’t want your typical corny, joke telling wedding DJ. Fortunately for us, we found DJ Zimmie. We were running late after the ceremony, but Zimmie smoothly extended cocktail hour into cocktail hour and a half for us while we got situated. But after dinner, he got everyone up and on the dance floor including family members I’ve never seen dance before. While at the bar, receiving rave reviews on the DJ choice from both the bartenders and guests, I turned and was able to count all 5 people still sitting down. The hardest part of dealing with Zimmie was spelling his last name on the check. Thanks DJ Zimmie for being so easy to deal with and making an awesome night for my wife and I.

-Tara & Paul Murphy // 5.14.2011

Some of our guests talked about the venue or the food after the wedding, but absolutely everyone went on and on about the music.  DJ Zimmie outshone several rooms of botanical gardens and the filet topped with lump crab… not to mention my wedding dress!  His mix set the right mood at every turn and the transitions were great. And specific songs that we just had to have blended perfectly.  Thank you for a wonderful party with our friends and family!

Laura and Jason Rock // 4.30.2011

After my fiancé and I snuck out of the country to get married, we threw a big bash back home to celebrate. We wanted our party to be an event that all of our friends and family could truly enjoy, and one that we would all remember. What we didn’t want was a cheesy, boring wedding reception with a cheesy, boring DJ.

During our search for a DJ that would suit our style, DJ Zimmie came highly recommended to us. I’d known of him and watched him work his magic before, so right away I knew he’d be the perfect one to set the vibe for our party. Zimmie was a complete professional and fun to work with during the entire process. He took all of our requests into account and met them with ease. But most importantly, he did exactly what we hoped for—he gave us, and our friends and family (even the break-dancing ones) a party to truly enjoy. Thanks to DJ Zimmie and his music for such a memorable night!

-Adrienne Tolentino Essey // 6.4.2011

As an event concierge, I use only the best ingredients to make a party great.  When my clients need a DJ, Zimmie is always my first recommendation.  One call to Modern Event Solutions gets me the music, lighting and sound I need for any gig, no matter the size, the age group or the demographic.  It’s an easy way to make me look good by making any party I’m involved with a success.

-Barbara Cohen, Event Concierge // 2.5.2013