Gautam & Katy Testimonial

29th April, 2015

DJ Zimmie and Modern Event Solutions could not have been better.

Zimmie was so flexible about how we communicated in the preceding months, enabling us to email anything from long lists to random thoughts, and he always provided thoughtful responses.

He totally understood the tastes we prefer and the vibe(s) we had in mind, even when we totally pivoted away from the one piece of guidance we gave him in our initial discussion.

Zimmie knew just what to play — and what to NOT play. He did a *phenomenal* job of knowing when to honor requests from the audience and when to…acknowledge them and then put them aside. This was both in accordance with the “blacklist” of no-no’s we provided but also, more broadly, based on his own judgment. We agreed with every call he made.

We needed some very tight coordination around our first dance, and Zimmie was on point. After that, we just wanted things to be as festive and high-energy as possible throughout, and Zimmie delivered on that 100%.

We could not have been happier with what Zimmie brought to our wedding. As we look back, we wish we could have our wedding again every month…in that dream scenario, we would be happy to use DJ Zimmie every time.


-Gautam & Katy // 9.20.2014