2017 Promo Video22nd August, 2017

Ruby Summer Time Lapse30th September, 2015

Katy and Gautam’s Surprise Tango14th October, 2014

At a wedding we recently DJ’d, the bride and groom unleashed an amazing rehearsed Tango as their first dance. We see a lot of cool first dance ideas but this might be the most impressive thus far. Shout out to Syncopated Pictures for the video.

2013 MES Promo Video24th July, 2013

Check out the fantastic 2013 promo video that Kris Mortensen cut together for Modern Event Solutions!

Seth & Sarah4th October, 2012

Video from a recent wedding where MES was brought in to handle ceremony, sound, lighting and dinner music.  A headlining DJ from Los Angeles (friend of the bride) was brought in for the reception.

Video: Daniel Duran (J.A.M.edia Videos)

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