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Mariana & Brian Testimonial

27th March, 2016

You want to have the best dance party you’ve ever had at your wedding?! Great! Hire DJ Zimmie! We first saw him at our friend’s wedding and immediately decided to hire him for ours. He expertly managed all the sound needs for our wedding and helped us think through the flow of how the party would go and kept that flow running perfectly. Somehow, I danced for three hours after my wedding and couldn’t believe how quickly it passed, because DJ Zimmie’s perfect DJing kept everyone dancing and moving. People raved about the party for months and we were over the moon happy about how it all went!


Mariana & Brian // 2.13.2016

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Nate & Joy’s Wedding

16th December, 2015

This video was shot by DJ Zimmie on a GoPro at Nate & Joy’s wedding over a 13 hour period on 12.12.2015.

DJ:  DJ Zimmie
Planning:  Vanity Affair Events
Venue:  The Colony
Floral:  Beam Florals
Photo:  Phil Chester

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Ruby Summer Time Lapse

30th September, 2015
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Frank & Ali

26th August, 2015

Frank & Ali
Saturday May 30th, 2015

Venue  Pittsburgh Opera
Catering  JPC Event Group
Photography  Caitlin Thomas

Full photo set HERE
Testimonial HERE


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Richie & Rachel Testimonial

1st July, 2015

I can’t begin to explain the magnitude of how important DJ Zimmie was at our wedding.  My friends originally had planned on taking care of our musical needs by hiring a different DJ, but due to an unforeseen event, he had to cancel.  In his sincere effort to remedy my musical vacancy, he offered Zimmie as a substitute. We live in L.A. and were unable to meet face to face due to the fact Zimmie lives in Portland.  This of course left us slightly terrified, but we trusted that we were in good hands due to his professional manner and musical knowledge via email and phone.  The day of our wedding was magical and I can’t imagine that being the case with any other DJ at the helm.

First off, Zimmie was early.  He set up shop and I was finally able to put a face to the name.  I am kind of a weirdo when it comes to music. Until I realized that Zimmie was a bigger weirdo and much further advanced in both technique and knowledge, I had wished I could be the groom AND the DJ.  Just before the ceremony I talked with Zimmie to explain songs and timing.  After my third visit he waited till I was finished and calmly told me, “Don’t worry man, just go get married.”  It probably doesn’t read as gentle and relieving as it was, but I promise you, it was precisely what I needed to hear.  The ceremony and the reception that followed were as close to perfect as one could hope.  Our guest list was quite diverse, both in general and musically, as I’m sure most weddings are.  Practically EVERY guest complimented us and Zimmie directly on his selection.  And let’s not forget to mention, his MC skills!!!  Appropriate, comedic, and classy.  Do NOT leave your once-in-a-lifetime event in the hands of chance.  Make the best decision you can and invite the man of the hour, DJ ZIMMIE!


-Richie & Rachel // 11.5.2014

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